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Effective Pathways to Africa's Agricultural Transformation

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9:30am - 11:30am ET
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Alliance for a Green Revolution on Africa (AGRA)

Agriculture is Africa's primary gateway out of hunger and poverty; the sector employs 65 - 70 percent of Africa's labor force while supporting the livelihoods of 90 percent of the population. However, for the sector to lead the path to the desired food security and superior incomes for Africa, it is imperative that conversations and investments are made towards transforming the continent's agricultural work into a profitable and sustainable enterprise. The urgency of this transformation has been made clear during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the continent has been forced to re-think its food production and distribution systems.

It is against this backdrop that this webinar is held as a session to define the investments needed for a vibrant and functional agricultural sector that can deliver sufficient food and nutrition supplies for all as well as exciting farmer incomes. The conversation will address the roles of individual stakeholders, partnerships, and leadership in building an inclusive agricultural transformation across the continent. The webinar will also define the role of public sector commitment in transforming the agriculture sector, with notable examples from successes in Rwanda. Similarly, the critical position of private sector participation shall be highlighted as supported by the transformative role of this group in uplifting Ghana's food systems.

This session is facilitated by the Alliance for a Green Revolution on Africa (AGRA), an African-led and Africa-based organization currently leading the pursuit of an agricultural transformation through investments in systems development, policy and state capability, and partnerships. This webinar will feature special opening remarks from Dr. Agnes Kalibata, UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to the 2021 Food Systems Summit.